Cannot make backup of Click dvd

using dvd decryptor and Anydvd, i can’t make a backup of the new “Click” movie, it gets to 99% then gives two errors then says dvd backup complete in Dvd Decryptor > ISO Read.

I think Sony has a new protection for the movie click, anyone else experience this yet?

I used anydvd with clonedvd from withOUT any problems. Its not a new protection!! You have to give us alot more info to see what your problem is?? What dvd drive, firmware, dma enabled, have you defragged late, system info etc. etc.

DVD Decryptor

On-the-fly IFO/BUP file patching failed!

File Name VTS_34_0.BUP

Reason: Invalid IFO/BUP file.

DVD Decryptor

On-the-fly IFO/BUP file patching failed!

File Name VTS_34_0.BUP
Size: 145,4088 bytes

Reason: Invalid IFO/BUP file.

DVD Drive = NEC 3550A
Firmware = Liggy’s 1.6YA
DMA = not sure, how do I check again?
defraged no.
system = windows xp pro sp 2

DMA check here

Try a different method.

This is all you will ever need using a program called RipIt4Me as the frontend tool to DvD Shrink and DvD Decrypter for removing copy protections. FixVts is used as well.

The link at the bottom leads to 4 guides using the following software programs.

DvD Decrypter found here

DvD Shrink found here

FixVts found here

RipIt4Me found here

To proceed through the guide click on the green arrow. The guide is great for new people because it shows everything visually just wait for each page to load.

Animated tutorial on how to use RipIt4Me

:cool: :cool:

Try not doing it on the FLY!!

I wasn’t doing on the fly. It was ripping to hard drive.

I used ripit4me and it worked like a charm. :iagree:

i have the same problem

Have a new Dell with two SATA DVD drives and it will not work with Any DVD//
Works fine on my old IDE system/ strange

I had same problem, used latest AnyDVD & latest CloneDVD, ARccOS protection is gone :), happy ripping

Had no issues whatsoever with the latest AnyDVD and OneClick DVD Copy 5!
Luvs Jenni :flower: