Cannot make audio CD's

I am using Nero 8 with XP64 and a PX-712A.

I can burn DVD’s fine and normal CD’s fine, but when I try to add an mp3 to an audio CD compilation the program closes with no error, it just shuts down.

I am able to then open it back up again and the same happens the program closes with no error.

It always happens when I try to add an mp3 to an audio compilation, it seems to be some sort of error when converting the file.

I have not tried other forms of audio files as all my music are mp3’s. I have also tried to burn with media player but I get an “error cannot burn compilation” I didnt really look into this as I would prefer to use nero.

Anyway thanks for reading and hope you can help.

Could there be something wrong with your mp3 file(s)?

Have you tried using the same mp3 file(s) in another program such as e.g. the free and simple Burrrn?


If you want to stick with Nero as indicated in your post, try converting the files from MP3 to WAV. It’s an extra step but see if that works. Are you using and did you get the Lame/MP3 Encoder installed (it was a freebie from Nero and may still be)?

If the above doesn’t work, follow DrageMester’s advice to eliminate Nero as a problem.