Cannot lower CD burning write speed

Hi, I am trying to lower the writing burn speed on different CDs and CD-RW that are certified at two or more lower speeds. But with Nero and other burning software, it seems that they always use the highest speed (no other option) from the media and i am unable to choose a lower burning speed. (Hardware used is LG-4163B FW=A104 and NEC 3500 FW=MAD Dog 2.FD). What can i do to get the ability to burn at a lower speed…please help…

Modern optical devices like DVD burners will not let you select a lower speed for CD media than 8x.
Other than get a CD-RW there really is nothing you can do. My old Liteon 40x CD writer will drop down to 2x as the lowest.

All teh 5 and 6 versions of Nero I have used allow any speed when I buen a data disc. Which version is yours? Possibly an update would fix this.

I have tried Nero 6.6 and same thing, cannot choose the speed only the fastest speed is set. It seems like a hardware issue, but when i need to burn Audio CD for my Auto CD player which is very sensitive, i cannot lower the write speed, so the CD cannot be read by the player. I tried many other types of Media and same problem cannot lower the speed. It seems that older CD burners that allow the speed to be lowered do a better job at bruning Audio Cds?


However, I’ve found that media is far more important than burn speed.

My car stereo will not officially play CD-R , the manual specifically states that. After much trial & error (plenty of these) I’ve found 2 media that will play 100% of the time in the car stereo. They are both Verbatim - Pastels ( a Taiyo Yuden dye) & Super AZO. To my mind these are both first class media with the AZO probably being easier to find.

I burn these at full speed (40x) in my LG4163 or Benq 1620 & they always work.

Recently I’ve tried Sony (some freebies) & Verbatim Data Life Extra Protection (special offer) but these aren’t good enough.

If I were you I’d try a 10 pack of those I’ve recommended & see the results.

BTW the LG is probably the better CD burner of the 2 you’ve got.

I have the same burners you have and I do not see this problem. Very strange.

This too is what I believe myself. Back in December 2002 (almost three years ago), I bought a LiteOn 48x12x48x CD-RW drive from our local PC World store, costing £50! (expensive back then). I used it up until April this year in my old Dell PC. I backed up a few audio CD’s at 4x using the drive, and the results were excellent, infact I would say as good a sound quality as the original. BTW, 4x was the slowest the drive could go down to.

In April I built a new rig, and sold my old Dell PC complete with the LiteOn CD-RW drive inside. And I think I regret leaving it in. For my new PC build I chose another LiteOn because I was so pleased with my old one, but this time a DVD/CD-RW combo. The slowest the drive will go down to is 12x, which is still very good. I have done a couple of audio CD back-ups using the drive, using the same Imation CD-R media as ever, and in my opinion the sound quality is not as good, as the older LiteOn one I previously had.

As I said above, my old LiteOn cost £50 back at the end of 2002, which seems very expensive now, considering that nowadays the latest model of this drive costs under £15. I feel that the quality of the drives may have suffered as well. Baring in mind that there is no headphone jack and volume control on the front of the unit + the LED is now green only. On my old LiteOn it was a tri-colour LED. Anyway, I’m looking into trying a Pioneer DVD-RW drive, if the quality is no better, I’ll buy another LiteOn, as I now want a DVD-RW drive.

Hi folks,
I have few questions regarding Copying Speed and etc.

Q1: I have used Memorex for my CD Media and I have been happy. But then I read about “TAIYO YUDEN” CD blanks and their Super Dye … and since the TDK’s, Memorex’s, and others cost about the same I decided to use TAIYO YUDEN’s. Can anyone tell me what is the BEST media for Music CD duplication?

Q2: Can anyone tell me if Taiyo Yuden are really any better than the other Blank CDs? (since I am not sure).

Q3: I have been burning CD’s at 16X and 24X … am I burning at TOO high of a speed??? (BTW, If I burn at 2X, 4X or lower speed, heck I will be at my computer all day!!!)