Cannot load the audio from an AVI, in TMPGenc XPress 3.0

Hi. This is my first time with TMPGenc XPress. When I add a file, only the video source is selected. I can load the audio from a MP2, a MPG but not from a DivX audio I made by myself using VirtualDub (and therefore has no strange sounds like AC3 or other).
If I open the file with VirtualDubMod, on Stream --> Stream list I can see there’s a ‘AVI audio stream 1 (tag 0x0050, Microsoft MPEG layer 1,2)’.
Why cannot I load the Audio? With TMPGenc 2.5 I can do it!

Abort it. I just had to raise the priority of te VFAPI DirectShow Multimedia File Reader to the DVD2AVI project File reader to do it.

Hi Aldaco12,

What you need is an avi reader for Xpress such as is present for Tmpgenc in the form of a frameserver. My suggestion would be to google for it on the net and find a avi frameserver for the Xpress package and you should be fine.

Hope this helps.