Cannot Load Project - Vision 4



I’m really trying to give this new version of Nero (Trial V.7) a good workout before I purchase.

Although I don’t like the choppiness of the video playback while reviewing edits in Vision, my bigger issue right now is not being able to reload projects that I’ve previously saved.

I noticed this a few day’s ago, but thought maybe it was something I was doing wrong (maybe it still is), so I started saving the same project as a new name each time – Just so that I could go back to a previous version if the problem occurred again. It’s been ok for numerous saves but has once again happened. What a pain! I just finished editing for about an hour or so, saved the project, this time I didn’t save to a new project name and again I cannot open the Project. If I open the project from within Vison it just closes the application. If I open the project file from the Project file nothing happens.

Any Ideas

Lots of memory 1GB+ (700MB+ free)
P4 2.7 MHz


im having the same problem to, its terrible, been working on a project for quite a few hours, saving it as i went, i took a break for a while came back and i cant open it, all that time wasted, i am disgusted with it and i dont want to sit and do it all again…please let there be a solution