Cannot Load Booktype Tool For 812s



I’ve got a LiteON 812s, and I cannot seem to load the LiteON Booktype tool (v1.0.6). I get an error message saying “NO DVD Writer detected”.

I bought the drive 2 days ago and updated the firmware from US05 to the latest US0J, without any errors. I did this before I burnt a DVD/CD. I have only used the drive once to burn some data to a DVD+RW, using Nero and it worked fine. Nero InfoTool reports the drive as: “LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S” using the US0J firmware.

On the LiteON website it says the new firmware supports changing the Booktype. Has anyone got any ideas why I can’t run the Booktype tool?


Imporper Aspi installation ?


Thanks for that thibouille. It was an improper ASPI installation. I had installed the ASPI drivers by just clicking on them, instead of installing them through the Command Prompt.