Cannot install ultimate

Had to do a clean install of xp on my machine. Installed a new dvd burner while I was at it. Now DNC ultimate won’t install. Gets all the way through, goes to registration page, when I enter code and email, the program shuts down and I get the dreaded Want to send error report to Microsoft? window. I assume (hope) this is just a license issue. Can you help me?

Turn off your antispyware and antivirus and try again. Honestly I wonder if it even gets activated?

No difference with antivirus off. Attached is the file that xp wanted to send with the error report. An error log?

I uninstalled, cleaned the temp files, rebooted, then reinstalled. Again went to registration page, when data sent, it died. If I run the program, it does not even come up, just goes straight to error reporting window.

c304_appcompat.txt (24.5 KB)

Send in a support ticket please to thanks.