Cannot install older games



I’m trying to install some Star Wars games (Pit Droids, Phantom Menace) on my PC (xp home edition, SP2).
The welcome screen is launched, but when I press install, nothing at all happens.

I’ve tried it on my laptop (XP Pro) and there it works just fine.

Does anyone have a clue ?


Did you try running the game in Compatibility mode?


No, I cannot even install the game.
Tried it with the setup.exe file though : no result.
I’ve tried them in the meantime on another PC with XP Home Edition and it works there. Even had a game (Star Wars Pit Droids) that didn’t work there either, but that one was solved with the compatibility mode.
I must say, I rest my case.
I’ve installed VirtualPC (Microsoft equivalent of VMWare) and now I’m playing them in Windows 98.
Thanks for the suggestion, though.