Cannot install Nero 12



I am trying to install Nero 12 after a factory re-install. I keep getting this message about half way “Data Error ( cyclic redundancy check)”.
Any help appreciated. T.I.A.


What are you trying to install from? A DVD? A downloaded file? A file saved on an external hard drive?

A burned DVD may have become corrupted. Same can apply to a hard drive.

Personally, I’d take it as a sign! But then, I have no use for Nero. :slight_smile:


Kerry, Thanks for the reply. downloaded the program, used my Lic. worked. Curious why no use for Nero.? I am open to suggestions for something better.


Imgburn is as good or better as a burning program.

AVStoDVD, VidCoder, Handbrake, BD Rebuilder, and DVD Rebuilder are all better conversion/compression programs for their respective formats.

I find Media Player Classic Home Cinema and PotPlayer are both excellent media players, with the exception that they have no support for Blu-ray menus. I prefer TMT 5 for that, but it is a commercial program, and no longer available. So I have no need for the Nero Player.

These are the programs I work with. Nero does offer video editing, but many video geeks prefer VirtualDub, Avisynth scripts and even AviDemux among the free choices. There is also AviUtl. There are several other commercial editing programs meant for the amateur, that I would recommend over Nero, including VideoRedo TV Suite, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and the TMPGEnc programs, depending on what you are working with.

Nero has branched out with their latest offering, and now have streaming, mobile apps, and cloud storage, but I am barely aware of these, so can’t comment on their quality.

I’ve never trusted the all-in-one packages, of which Nero is a prime example. They are rarely very good at any one particular task. I’d rather use free software that outperforms them.


I still have Nero 6 on an old computer & Nero 7 on Vista but I rarely use them.
I had a Nero 9 that came with a Samsung drive (IIRC) but it was time limited for most features. I liked the menus it could create . When that feature stopped I uninstalled Nero 9.
Neither 6 or 7 have as many menu features. I’ve never used a Nero later than 9.

@ durkinjt , From another thread & from the error you got when you trie to install Nero . I agree with coolcolors your harddrive may be failing.


Thanks for the reply Kerry, actually I really only use Nero for the DiskSpeed and photos, probably not worth using the whole package but it was never a problem to download it. I utilize ImgBurn, AnyDvd, DvdFab, DvdShrink for cd/dvd copy’s, and Wondershare Fantasia for movies. Will check the other programs you listed.


Cholla, thanks for the reply, ran chkdsk, showed no HD sectors bad, I found a link to download a trial and added my Lic. # and it worked. Hopefully the HD is ok.