Cannot install monitor or vid drvr - Vid card and monitor not recognized

I keep getting the “detect new hardware wizard” on start-up and my card is not recognized in device manager

The WDM drivers fix from Omega’s site did not help.

So, the main problems:
Card (Radeon 9500) is not recognized,
Omegadriver not working
Monitor not recognized and monitor driver not working or updateable (see below).

I got Omega’s driver to install and work once tonight, miraculously, although I have no idea how it worked, because I didn’t do anything different from what I am doing every time I try it now. I then uninstalled it because I was getting some bad video problems with garbled text and icons. I figured I’d try reinstalling, but now that doesn’t work at all.

Now the bad part - I uninstalled my monitor driver (Dell 2007 FPW), thinking this might have gotten messed up some how, and I could reinstall it the same way I did last time I installed it. Wrong again. Now I have no monitor driver, and the properties button in the Monitor tab of display properties is greyed out, so I cannot manually reinstall or update the driver. Tried system restore (I made a restore point right before uninstalling the monitor driver) - wrong again. System restore says “system cannot be restored. Your computer’s settings have not been changed” - does not provide explanation. That was the first time I ever tried using restore.

I used omega’s driver a year ago on this system with this vid card with no problems (although last time I didnt use the soft-mod, and this time I am trying to). I loved the driver, it rules.

Suggestions for all of these matters would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Intel mobo
2 gig P4
1 gig RAM
Radeon 9500
Windows XP Pro
Extreme aversion to reformatting

Sounds to me like a typical Dell problem. :frowning: