Cannot get this cd to burn !HELP

I have this new cd I just rebought today. my first one was broken (by my foot). anyways it cost 200.00 and I dont want to do this again sooooo,I have tried every program out there. scanner says it is protected with safedisc 4.00 What can I do …I have burnt so many backups of things with no problems whatsoever, that this doesnt seem right :a I have every program that all of you use on this site , and I have found someother threads , but
I just need to know , something, anything…when I go into alc 120 it just keeps showing error;s and it access the drive, but it is slow like 1% takes 5 minutes to do and it is all errors. I have a nec ND-3520a dvd drive. PLEASE HELP ME OR TELL ME IT HAS WHIPPED ME :bow:

The errors are apart of the copy protection the copy protection checks for these erros on the cd if there are there then the cd will work ,if they are not the cd wont work, what are you trying to copy?

it is a constuction program called quick estimate, so are you saying let it finish out and see what happens… at the rate it is going it will take 10 hrs to read to a image file…that dont sound right right…

Your using a DVD rom to read the cd, this is going to take a bit longer than normal becuase DVD rom’s read at a much slower speed than cd-rom’s, what I would do is make an image using you DVD rom of what ever you want and select the datatype safedisc 2/3 and read a maxium speed and wait and see if it works.

Just be patient. The unreadable sectors are all in the first ~10,500 sectors (usually about 3%) of the disc. The reading process will be very slow until that part of the disc has been read but it will then speed up and it will only take a few minutes to read the remainder of the cd.

ok ,I dug out my old philips cd burner I used alch 120 to make a image file, it was slow at first but got faster and it completed the image file , I then burned a cd from the image file on 4x speed with good blank media, the program installed, but when I went to use it it said cannot locate cd-rom, I put the original in and it loaded right up and worked perfect, so it is looking for the original cd-rom (store bought)… I even tried loading clone cd :“hide cd media” and that wont work either with the backup cd I made…any ideas now??

I have hurd of something called safedisc 4 hide this might help you, I have never used it.

The ability to successfully make a physical copy of a safedisc 4 cd is very much hardware dependant. Very few rigs can do so.

Ok here is a good one for you…My brother-n-law and I both bought "Call of Duty2 cd version (each has our own original copy) about a week ago…We used his computer to make the “back-ups” neither back up worked on his and they both worked on mine computer with out needing “hiding” program… The only real difference on his computer is his is PCI-e and mine is AGP, he has AMD64 3700+ (939) I have AMD64 4000+ everything else is the same except for the cases. Only other thing I can think of is his Lite-On DVD+/-RW is firmware KS09 and mine is KS04 both are Lite-On 1693s…is there any way to flash his to KS04 if that is the case…I need to make a back-up of the “Play cd” from my computer to see if it works or not…

I doubt it as the KS09 I am sure is a newer Firmware and mine is older neither drive has ever been flashed to this date…

Bummer dude. Sounds like your drives can’t do SD4.

Image the disc to your HD. Put your original somewhere safe … maybe in a safe … away from your evil disc seeking foot … and then use daemon tools to mount the image, when you need to use it.