Cannot get subtitles from The Incredible Hulk R2

NO matter what I do I cannot get any subtitles rendered on the video for “The Incredible Hulk” R2. Has anybody else met a similar problem? Is there any work-around?

I am converting th DVD to Generic and usually it works perfectly. It also works if I ask to export it to idx file, but not if it has to be rendered on video.


How many subpic streams are there on the R2 disc and which language subpic are you trying to display? Does the subpicture dropdown on the Conversion Settings page have Direct Render to Video showing as the option?

There are a lot of subpic listed. I took the “danish” one but I can try with another one to see if that is the problem, however it shows fine when I play it as DVD.

And yes, the settings dialog has the option “direct render to video” which is the one I have chosen and correctly no sub files are saved (but no subtitile are rendered either :frowning: ). If I choose “save idx… file” than the sub files are saved and obviously nothing rendered.

I woorked around the problem the usual way I do when there are movies that DVDFab cannot handle correctly. It works everytime.

  1. I extract the main movie, only one soundtrack and only one subtitle usingthe good old DVD-shrink.
  2. In order to force DVD-shrink to rebuild all the files I trim away few seconds of the amin title at the beginning and at the end.
  3. I save the rebult DVD aking sure that no compression is done (100% quality).
  4. I then used the saved VIDEO_TS foirom DVDFab and usually everything turns fine :slight_smile:

So it did this time too. It works also when I have audio/video sync problems wiht the original or some on movies where some scenes seems to be repeated. If you have any of those problems (usually only when doing a conversion to one of the mobile profiles), try the method above. Hope it will help you too.

BTW. As said there were no problems playing it as DVD, and I tried also to convert it using a trial version of DVD Catalyst which also was able to convert the main movie to a single file with subtitle rendered correctly. So I must conlude that here is another bug in DVDFab. The only thing special with this DVD is that it has a lot of subtittles: exactly 21! No idea wheter that could be a problem. Other than that it seems a completely standard