Cannot get rid of the .idx files from Desktop (Nero database files)

Could someone please give me some advice. I was burning a cd using nero when it said “you have not created a database would you like to create one now”. I thought ok but silly silly me created it on the desktop without a folder. Now i cannot get rid of the .idx files, i delete them but they keep returning on start-up. I created another database in it’s own folder to use. I tried moving the files there to no avail. I uninstalled nero,no good either. The little buggers keep coming back,with different names each time. I am at the end of the line here. And my partner wants to use the comp. as a boat anchor!! :a
thanks in advance Ben.

trouble is that some registry entry or some uninstalled/removed .ini file is pointing towards your desktop path (c:\windows\desktop or something , depending on the os).

usually nero installs all .ini files and lacks a little on the registry entries… so my guess is to use regedit first :slight_smile:

Lol. That happened to me once but i just used “REG CLEANER” and it removed it all. Just do a search for “reg cleaner” on google and download it it’ll clear it out. alcohol120% tried to get cute like that once too but all you do is clean up the registry. good luck

Thankyou Mr Belvedere and YoMama’ . I’m not up on regedit so I downloaded RegCleaner. It worked a treat , my lady can leave the comp. on the desk now and not at the bottom of the lake. lol. your help was greatly appreciated.
Thanks again , Ben.
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