Cannot get KPprobe2 to work on my NEC


Since I am new to this place (and also to the world of DVD burning) Iā€™d first like to say hello to all of you on this fantastic forum!
Reading up here really helped me in making my first couple of successful DVD backups. :wink:

Now, trying to learn more, Iā€™d thought I should give KProbe2 a go.
But I cannot get the BLER quality test to work with any of my new DVD backupsā€¦the program says ā€œstarting driveā€, and then goes directly to ā€œstopping driveā€.
This takes about 10 seconds all in all. Nothing is read from the DVD.
The speed tests work fine.

I have a NEC 2500A, and tried with stock 1.06 and 1.07 firmware, and now Iā€™m using Herries 1.07 beta4.

Is there someone who has any idea what the problem is?

Best Regards


KProbe2 only works with LiteON DVD players & writers, and to get consistent results it should only be used with writers.

Ok, I seeā€¦any similar soft which will work on NEC?



Not at the momentā€¦ :sad:
Maybe CDSpeed v.3 in the futureā€¦ (Not sure, howeverā€¦)

Ok. Thanks for answering guys!


Oh, and welcome to the forum, BTW. :wink: