Cannot get encrypted disk to be detected by DVD43 or AnyDVD

I have been burning CSS encrypted DVD’s for quite a few years now using Nero and DVD43. As of about a week ago, DVD43 will no longer detect DVD’s (yellow face does not turn into devil and green happy face). I thought it may have been a problem with DVD43 so I installed the trial version of AnyDVD, but it does the same thing. Anybody have any clues as to what would prevent both of these programs from detecting DVD’s?

Hi donniewillie and welcome.

You may have a conflict with the two programs if they’re running at the same time. Did you remove DVD43 and restart before installing AnyDVD (it may not be necessray to restart but I think it’s always a good idea)?

Note: From what I could find, DVD43 was last updated with v4.31: (April 9, 2008). If you are looking for a free decryyptor, also look at

No, I had not run both programs at the same time. And… this problem started about a week ago, before I even considered anything other than DVD43. I downloaded the software you suggested. It does not suit my needs. That is for decrypting DVD that are already on the hard drive. I want real time decrypting like DVD43. Actually, I’d just like to know how to get DVD43 working again.