Cannot get DPM info?

I’m trying to dump an image of RCT2 with the new Alcohol using its SecuROM 4x option. When I try to emulate these images with Alcohol, the copy protection still kicks in. I’ve tried ripping with both my Lite-on’s LTD163D & LTR-48125W. Every time I’ve gotten the error “Cannot get correct DPM info from current disc with current device.” Despite this, the image seems to rip file, tho obviously it’s not a functional image. Anybody else experiencing this error? :frowning:

afaik not every drive is capable of retrieving the dpm-info. for me, only my pioneer dvr a03 does it - no chance with liteon ltd122 and ltr-40125s.

So I’m assuming it IS this error thats causing the dead images?

Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m assuming that as more work is done on the SecureROM I will eventually be able to at least dump an image to emulate…I mean if the drives can play the original game, it means they’re capable of reading the necessary info in some form or another, so why wouldnt they be able to read it to an image? …or i could be completely wrong… :confused:

Anyway, I’m hoping the experts around here can make more headway soon. It really sucks paying $30 for a game and not being able to play it in the dorm when your little brother at home has the disc! :frowning:

This has been discussed alot on the Alcohol Support Forum