Cannot format cd-rw

I cannot format/erase my cd-rw in Nero. I can in CloneCD or Alcohol, but not Nero either .20 or th very latest one It says it not a cd-rw and it sometimes sees the files on it and sometimes doesn’t. I have Windows XP SP2. The XP IMAPI is disable. I tried both my nforce IDE drives and the MS one. It used to be able to format these. It one do it in either my Lite-on or BenQ. Any ideas?

My Incd V4.3.11.1 would not not recognize or format a CDRW disk for “drag and drop” UDF packet writing. If this is what is happening to you, do a “google search” for ForceASPI and then follow the installation instructions and download and install the ForceASPI drivers. NOTE: do this even though there is not any mention of Nero Incd on the ForceASPI page. I installed the drivers and voila–my Incd works perfectly. I have no clue why I couldn’t get this answer from the Ahead Nero site.