Cannot flash SONY DRU500AX to 2.0f

Hi there,

when trying to flash my SONY DRU 500 AX from 2.0c to 2.0f I get the “Drive not ready (…)” messagebox (there is no media in the drive and the drive itself works perfectly).

I have no INTEL Application Accelerator installed. But I have to admit that the line

"If you are using the DRU-500A, disable [DMA setting] in Windows before executing firmware update. For details, refer to [Help and Support] in Windows. "

leaves me somewhat puzzled… I have no idea what to do there.

I have connected the DRU 500 AX to a RAID CONTROLLER, could this be the problem?

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-:-), Jackie

The RAID controller could be the problem. Hook it up on the Primary or secondary channel and try…

Hi and good morning,

I was afraid it’s something like this… I guess that’s the downside if you have a DRU 500 AX built into a PII-400 system -:slight_smile:

-:-), Jackie

isn’t a raid controller only suited for harddisks??

i didn;t dare to connect my dru500 to …


you could burn dvd’s on the raid controller??

Hi there,

it works totally great, up to 4x DVD+R is absolutely no problem! I wasn’t sure if my old PII-400 ASUS would be able to handle the data-throughput, so I bought this controller card.

(sigh) It’s always a pain in the ass to open this computer, so hooking the DRU500 to the onboard primary or secondary channel has to wait some months -:frowning:

-:-), Jackie

One question…is it really a raid controler or an ide-pci card…

i have both…and i can confirm that i couldn’t flash my drives on the ide-pci card


it’s a Silicon Image SiL Ultra-133 Medley ATA Raid Controller…

-:-), Jackie

ok thank you

even the nero info resatarts my comp when i try to use it on a drive connected to ide-pci or the raid controller


well, to me it’s a mystery: everything works fine, XP detects the drive, every program I have can use the DRU500AX, and only the firmware flasher declines to work properly…

-:-), Jackie

Got the same problem with my Sony. :confused:
Can’t update the firware.

I’m running ME.
The drive is found by Windows. (It’s the master drive on the secondary IDE channel.) Nero finds it ok, and burns with no problems.
When I go to update the firmware, I get ‘No updateable drive found’.
Yes. I did disable DMA and re-booted.
(PrassiPrimoDVD shows the drive as there. Gives me all the info for it. But won’t allow me to burn. Double click on the drive to select it, but it doesn’t get selected. Put my 24X Liteon as Slave on the same cable, and that works. Not really bothered about this though, as Nero is giving good results.)
Seems very, very strange.
If anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate them.

(Great forum. :bow: )


Same problem. Bought the Dru-500a and cannot flash it to 20f.

I also have RAID. The DRU500 is on Master/ Samsung CD-R on Slave on one IDE channel, the rest are HDDs (3 as masters). When I fire-up the upgrade all I get is diddly-squat. The Sony software can’t see any DVD-R or other devices. I’m running an Athlon 1900XP.

Anyone with any answers???

i think you just have to get it of the raid controller, put it on a normal ide port

Also having problem flashing my new DRU500. I get the ‘No updateable drive found’ message. I did disable DMA as instructed but it hasn’t made any difference. I’m hoping someone will have an idea of how to fix this.
Also find that whilst the included software is happy to format a Sony DVD+RW it can’t see an inexpensive DVD-RW.

Even disabling raid and doing everything else this awful piece of Sony updating software can’t see it. After much thought and consideration I’ve decided that it SUCKS big time.

I installed the Sony writing software and it couldn’t see the drives. Uninstalled it and my drives were no longer visible. The only way round this was to edit the registry or reinstall windows. Great. Thanks Sony.

What next? Well, I can write DVD-R at 4X and that’s what I’m happy with especially since I can get cheap Verbatim ones.