Cannot flash Mad Dog 16x USB (NEC 3520)

Greetings -

I am attempting to flash my recently acquired Mad Dog 16x dual layer burner - which is the external USB 2.0 version - but both Binflash and the Mad Dog flasher tell me they cannot find a supported drive. It is turned on and recognized by Windows, reads and burns ok - any ideas? Thanks.


Try it without USB enclosure. Some enclosures will never work with flashing programs and there’s no way this could by changed by MadDog or Binflash.

Mad Dog says it should work. Is t his the only way?

If even Binflash tells you that no supported device was found, this always means that a component between operating system and drive does not allow sending some commands that are necessary for flashing.

The commands are always the same (regardless if using official flasher or Binflash) and the drive will understands them if they get through. But if something in between “captures” these commands, flashing won’t work.

I appreciate your replies, sir! Removed drive from USB housing and installed as normal ide drive in chassis - flashed ok. Thanks.