Cannot flash 111D in an external enclosure

Just got a brand new external enclosure (OKGEAR OK525AU2F-S) combo Firewire & USB and I put in my new Pioneer DVR-111D drive in it. I tried to flash with the Buffalo Firmware 8.19 EXT that I downloaded from the TDB website for the “L” series, however I do not see my external drive in the pop-up box when I click on the .exe file. I do see the drive in Windows-XP and I can burn to the drive too using Nero.

My goal is to flash it with the MCSE edited 8.25 EXT Buffalo formware that I downloaded from the TDB site.

I have tried both USB & Firewire to flash the drive, however I have not had any success. Has anybody flashed their drive in an external enclosure with the TDB firmware?

Thanks …

I downloaded the Official 1.23 firmware and the Pioneer flasher sees the Drive and is ready to flash it (I havn’t done it since I want to make this drive a 111L). I also made sure I connected it directly to the USB2.0 port on the motherboard instead of the hub. I also tried flashing in SAFE mode, still unsucessful …

Looks like I will have to open up my tower & uinstall it in there to flash this drive.

Please email for a diagnostic tool.

Brother Vlad

Put the wnaspi32.dll from Nero in the folder of TDB-firmware and use USB to flash the drive.

OMG … that was it. I just downloaded wnaspi32.dll from the Nero website and put it in the same folder as the TDB flasher and lo and behold my Pioneer drive now shows up in the list of drives in the pop-up box. flashed it without any problems … first to 8.19 EXT and then to 8.25 EXT.

Thanks a lot GrrRon!!!

Also a special thanks to Brother Vlad who has been communicating to me via email and send me diagnostic tool to resolve the problem.

WOW!! It sure did work!
I was up until 4:30 A.M. this morning dinking with this drive recognition problem, but GrrRon, you sure solved it.
Thank you.

Glad it worked. I remembered that this solved things in an other forum.