Cannot find "Pcd209up.exe", doesn't exist anymore



Hi all,

I was just installed Cequadrat into my computer with Win Me OS, and then I got a “windows protection error” message. I tried to find solution in Microsoft website, and I was informed that I need to download the update file “Pcd209up.exe” at But it seems that the website doesn’t exist anymore.

Can any body help me to find this file?? Maybe on other website??

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Hi guslee and welcome to the forum.

I suspect this is the WinOnCD software ? Roxio has acquired that and does nothing with it (almost no support).

But you could ask around in their forums


You can check here. I think that the DCD-PCD_301-1.exe (English only) update replaces PCD with Direct CD. It says it is for Win 2K so I do not know if it works with Me or not.


Thanks for the info, Mr. Belvedere. I hope that forum can give some solution. I’ve search all the www and found nothing…:sad:



To Mr. Jssilva

I don’t think that I can use the update file, because with the WinonCD installed, the computer won’t even start. I can only launch Windows in Save Mode with WOCD installed.

All these difficulties just to copy some backup files from my old PacketCD formatted CDR… If only I can just READ the CDR…:sad:


If all you need to do is access some data on a disc you might try CDRoller or IsoBuster .