Cannot find any protected DVD-R disc

Hi, some advice please, I have purchased from Jaguar heritage a Jaguar DVD with technical and parts etc…when I insert the DVD I get the error message: ‘Cannot find any protected DVD-R disc’ I have looked at the forums and get answers about Hexalock for burning protected DVDs’…I do not want to copy the DVD but just play it…Can anyone please suggest a way of playing the (expensive) DVD…
OS is XP professional sp3.
Would appreciate any help please or suggestions,
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Try in another drive, yours seem to be damaged in some way.

Do you have Acrobat installed? judging by this page, playback of these discs is a bit finicky.

This old-ish thread has someone with the same error:

Is there anything in that thread that may be of use to you?

The F5 trick might work, indeed. Some vertical-market software (like warehouse inventory systems, auto mfrs, etc.) also have a dongle that is sold with the original CD-manuals and the CD may be looking for that ‘dongle’ to be installed - they used to be on a serial-port, or something were ‘pass thru plugs’ for parallel ports or even PS/2 plugs.

Hubby discovered one episode where an employee had usurped a company computer for a home one, then was selling it and then software, not realizing the dongle went with one particular CD.

For the original seller of the CD, the dongle-issue was some hot-shot security feature in decades past, but seriously - why bother? It’s not like the Commies can inflitrate and assassinate presidents because of a Jag manual, with or without the dongle.

But it was a sign of “certified training” so only authorized garages had both the CD and the paid-for dongle… just another money scheme, no other purpose.

Hi All, many many thanks for all your inputs and very helpful advice…I have tried the suggestions etc but the DVD still will not load and gives the same error message…The player works OK with all other DVD / CD’s but refuses to load the Jag DVD…I have also removed and reinstalled Nero and deleted upper and lower filters in the registry. However I have just tried the DVD in a friends laptop and it works just fine!!! This laptop also has XP with sp3 installed so guess it’s a conflict with my desktop system so don’t know where to go from here…

Start up in safe mode, then try running the DVD with vlc or whatever.

Hi Chef, thank you for suggestion…I started in safe mode and loaded the DVD, I had two errors, the first was ’ failed to start content protection service’ and when I ok’d the message the second error was ’ reinstall truscont copy protection and reboot’ I do not know what truscont protection is and I have never installed it… I hadn’t heard of vlc before so googled it and downloaded it , it’s a good program…(thanks for heads up on this…) However I tried to run the DVD using vlc but again had the two previous messages.
Thank you again for your support,

Have you read this?

I personally hate this drivercrap which install silently on your computer to treat you like shit…
Go into devicemanager and enable viewing hidden drivers/devices, you shall see them there…

i also have been suffered with this error since last two months…now at last i got the solution …just go to you device manager and simply rollback your hard disk driver…in my case its a driver problem…may be this will help you…:slight_smile:

Will this program allow me to remove the copy protection to allow me to run this without the disc?

Did you buy a crystal ball yet??

I hadn’t heard of vlc before so googled it and downloaded it , it’s a good program…