Cannot execute Nero's quality tests on Samsung Sh-S182D

Hi all,
I own two Samsung SH-S182D DVD Writers installed on two different desktop PCs and, on both of them, I cannot execute Nero “CD/DVD Speed” quality tests (jitter, PI/PO and so on).
The START button is grayed out.
It is also impossible to change the BitSetting (all is grayed out)
The Nero “CD/DVD Speed” I use is the one coming in bundle with the two Samsung DVD Writers., but the same problem happened using Plextools Professional too.
I also tried upgrading firmware (SB01, SB02, SB03) but the problem still remains.

Is all of this normal or is there something wrong in my configuration?

Thank You.

(I think I’ve chosen the wrong forum for this thread… sorry… I’m new to CDFreaks…)

I don’t think this samsung can be used to check disks. I might be wrong . Anyway check in the samsung dedicated optical thread

Thank You Andrei… I found response (a matter of Win registry tweaking) to my question checking some threads in the Samsung Optical drivers Forum.
Thanks again.