Cannot Erase

I normally use DVD+rw media which will erase ok using the guider function.
I have recently tried using DVD-rw media. Having found out that I needed to format the disc first, I have made successful recordings but I am now unable to erase them in the same way as the DVD+rw disc. The recorder just seems to be scanning backwards and forwards. Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry. The recorder is a LVW-5006.

Update. I have now used my PC to erase the disc. It then formatted in the LVW-5006 ok.
I have 2 off LVW-5006 and the problem was with both of them.

Glad to see you got the problem sorted :slight_smile:

From my experience, once a DVD-RW is prepared in the Lite-On, it needs to be erased in a PC’s DVD wrtier in order to carry out the preparation again. While I’m not fully sure if DVD-RW gives a choice of Quick & Full preparation in the 500x series, both my LVW-1105HC+ and LVW-5045 give this choice menu, however if I choose Quick preparation and later want to carry out a full preparation on the disc, I need to erase the disc in the PC before I can get that menu again for this disc.

I had same problem and had to resort to same solution on 3 different LVW-5005s. For no good reason the -RW media just won’t erase in these LiteOn units, and I plan to revert to +RW only for future rewritable media purchases.

Blimey. As usual I thought it was my incompetence!

My SHM-165P6S can not format any of the DVD[B]+[/B]RW discs

I recorded with my old NEC drive, I get an error immediately! :confused:

I’ve been told it has something to do with the lasers power level,

what a POS!!!