Cannot erase DVD+RW



Hi all,

I have a DVD+RW that I used before and there were no problems erasing and reusing it… But now I cannot erase the medium any more with any burning software that I have tried… :rolleyes:
Is there a way to force the burner (Aopen in this case) to erase the +RW medium? Do other people have problems with this?

Cheers and thanx in advance.



what are you using to erase the cd rw ??? what program ?

but i found when I cant get one erased with nero or roxio i use this program and it is freeware


Thanx for your reply.
I am sorry to say it did not help :frowning:
I have used everyting I could think of, Nero, Roxio, DVDLab, and all other programs I have that have DVD writing compability…

I is making me crazy, because I don’t understand what the problem is…


wow I am shocked .sorry I cant be of anymore help …ya know anyone else with a burner ? take it to theres and see if it erases …cause i am sorry that would really get me thinking of does it just happen on that disk ?


Well, I have two DVD+RW discs that will not erase! I have tried to erase them in two different burners (AOpen and HP) but no chance…

I think they are going to see the inside of my garbage bin :a .

Thanx for your help giovanni42104.



What’s on the discs, and what happens when you try to erase them in Nero?


Please try to erase it using Alcohol 120% with the Ignore Illegal TOC enabled.


Ok, this is what I get from Alcohol 120%…


… and this is the Nero reaction to my DVD+RW disc :confused:


… and finaly the disc :frowning:


I think you have a bad disc. Please try using a different DVD+RW media.


I’ll have to guess what’s on the disc, is it packet-writen?
Try using DVDinfoPro to erase it, it’s free.


Thanx for the replies guys…

Nope, no pocket writing.
It is a video DVD writen with Pinnacle Edition 5. Even Edition cannot erase the two discs that I have used.

Oh yeah, I have tried DVDinfoPro… no luck there. I have never seen anything like this!!!


Well, as a last resort you can leave the disc in the sunlight for 30 min or so, be sure it doesn’t get too hot.


I had a similar thing with a disc that I used with Nero for a speed test, can’t delete the files, but I haven’t finished playing with it yet to see if I can see what the problem is.



quick question does leaving in sunlight really affect the disc ? i mean does it erase it ? just never heard that …


It has worked for others, but it’s a fix it or break it solution.

There’s a lot of this going around with DVD RW discs, and the solution is often to uninstall any packet writing software.


wow that is too kewl I will have to try it sometime …hehhehe i dont care if it gets ruined …just never heard that ,…thank for telling me …


wow I wil certanly have to try that!!! I’ll let you know what happened.


Well, I am sad to say that nothing happened, nothing at all! The DVD-RW is still readable and uneraseable :rolleyes: