Cannot erase DVd-RW

I am losing a lot of DVD-RWs because I cannot erase them. The reason I bought these discs was because they were erasable and therefore rewritable. Ordinarily, I can erase these discs (I use only one brand). On too many occasions though, I cannot. I have searched the Internet for an answer and have not found a suitable one yet.

Most of the time, my problem arises when I try to erase a disc containing data. Several times though, I cannot erase movies. I am not given the erase option under computer. I am given the format option. When I try this option, I am told the disc is write protected.

When I use Active DVD Eraser, I am told that the media inserted is not erasable or burner does not support this media type. Neither is true.

I don’t know a lot about finalizing or closing a disc. I can tell you though, that the discs I can’t erase were burned with the same settings as those I can erase.

I cannot believe there is not a software that will erase these discs.

I will appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I never tried Active DVD Eraser, but I always use ImgBurn for all my burnings.

Give it a try. Once installed, insert a disc on the drive, then go to menu Mode --> Write

Then go to menu Tools --> Drive --> Erase disc --> Full

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Geno’s suggestion will hopefully help, as ImgBurn often succeeds where other software fails.

If this does not work…do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed?

If you have Alcohol installed:

Go to Alcohol’s Options/Settings, and look for an option named “Ignore Media Type” <— make sure this is not checked.

If you have Daemon Tools installed:

Again go to the program’s Settings/Options, and look for an option named “Hide CD-R media” (or “Hide ATIP” or similar) <—again, make sure this is not checked.

I also use ImgBurn for erasing DVD RW discs.
Here are a couple of things I’ve observed:
After several uses the RW just quits being erasable.
If ImgBurn won’t erase the RW then nothing else I’ve tried will.
All of my discs that have become unerasable were last recorded on a standalone DVD recorder.Not the same unit though.
This has even happened to Verbatims.
RW’s are just not as long lasting as they’re advertised to be.
So hopefully the last thing you recorded on the RW is something you want to keep.
If not you have a coaster.