Cannot erase dvd+rw with LG GSA-4167B


My GSA-4167B burner fails to erase (quick or full, X2.4 or X4) all Verbatim DVD+RW media. Nero says “Write error” after several seconds and ejects the media. I tried updating the firmware to D13 but it didn’t help. I also tried using copytodvd but it fails too.

Any idea?


I’ve had good luck with this:

Hope it helps.

Are you using Nero 7? 'Cause it’s full of bugs…

you can also try erasing RWs with Nero CDSpeed. Extra -> Erase disc.

I had the same problem with Nero I upgraded to Nero and was OK.
But, indeed, Nero 7 has many problems. I recomand Nero

Actually i am using nero 6.6 and i also tried another prog. Anyway, i managed to erase using full X2.4, through i already tried that… but it still sucks, takes about 25 min.