Cannot Edit Discs Created with ES35V



I have a Panasonic ES35V Combo Recorder and I’ve created a number of DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW discs from VHS.

My plan was to convert my VHS tapes to DVD+/-RW and then add chapters on my computer using Ulead Video Studio 10 or TMPGENC. After that I would burn the movie to DVD+/-R and reuse my rewritable disc.

I can play back my converted home videos on my computer using Windows Media Player, WinDVD, etc, but I am unable to import the .Vob files into Ulead or TMPGENC.

With Ulead, I specify the video folder and click “Import” and the progress bar freezes at 61%. TMPGENC comes up with an error message when I try to import.

I have some wedding movies in PAL from England that I copied onto TDK DVD-R’s. Those I can import perfectly into TMPGENC and Ulead.

My computer has a Sony DRU-810e DVD burner in it. Do you think it would make a difference if I used DVD-RAM discs to record and read them in a RAM capable burner?

Can anyone give me any insight into what the problem may be? I’d appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you.


You might try Ulead MovieFactory 5 plus (free trial download).