Cannot download files from FTP




I have a home network with 2 pc’s (one with WIN XP Home and one with WIN XP PRO) the 2 pc’s are connected to a router so I can share internet (ADSL) but when they are connected to the router I can’t download files with an FTP-program (such like G6 FTP). Does anyone knows what I can do about this???

Thx :slight_smile:


hey there tooney

well first off when you share connection …internet connection sharing …it usually turns a firewall on … have you turned the firewall of ? do you get same result …also do u have any other firewall programs ?

Also in your router …you didnt specify model but is there firewall program built in …

also do u have to open your ports for firewall or does your router do that for ya

well those are some starting points …

but just hook one pc up to the asdl and if you can ftp then it is in your router …or hook both up then you know for sure it is in your router

also check and make sure your not dmz host … it will open all ports but other machine it will block …


Strange, with my router (and I assume most others) I do not have to open ports to download of FTP, just to become an FTP server. You can try setting up port forwarding or virtual server to one of your machines using port 21.