Cannot disable autoplay on 2510a

This is driving me mad. I’m using a 2510a with XP SP2 and no matter what I do each time I insert a dvd disc the drive tries to read it.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve gone into gpedit.msc, My Computer, tried registry tweaks but nothing seems to work. I still get that annoying silver disc icon on my screen whenever the drive is loaded.

Any thoughts?

Just a thought, do you have any ‘Packet Writing’ software installed?

Have you tried M$ Tweak UI…?
In TweakUI, My computer–> AutoPlay–> Types. Untick “Enable Autoplay for…”

Here is a link if you like to mess with your registry (at bottom of page). :wink:

I’ve tried al these with no luck. Whatever I do the drive tries to read a DVD disc when it is inserted.

Hm, it may be me, but why don’t you want Win XP to recognize the disc? To me disc recognition and autoplay are two different things - I can see why you don’t want it to start automatically (i.e. autoplay) but what is the problem with MyComputer being updated?

I want to bypass Windows and let Isobuster or some other data recovery software deal with it. The disc is proving problematic - when I insert it Explorer becomes locked up trying to read it.

OK… you asked for it.

This tweak is in the registry and turns off autorun for the cd-roms.


Change AutoRun dword from 1 to zero. You hafta reboot for it to take effect.

Now, all removable media will not mount when inserted into any removable storage.

I have the same annoying problem! Every time I insert a blank DVD or CD XP SP2 popup’s the auto play window to make a selection every time such disk is inserted but the only item you can chose is open disk with explorer!!!
The option to disable this feature is missing! Removing sp2 makes this option coming back?!?!?
Isn’t there away to tweak the register to add this option instead off disabling all off the auto play futures?

I guess there is a conflict between SP2 an the Nec 2510a, reinstalling SP2 lets the option to disable the autoplay future disapear!!!