Cannot detect drive



hi guys, i have a dell demension 8400, i bought the new benq dw 1650 drive and replaced my old drive, however, i get a message after booting saying DRVE 4 is not found, and i realized that they are no dvd or any optical drives in windows, i tried switiching master/slave and put back my old drive but it still does work, and WinDWFlash will not work because Under the Drives section, there’s nothing in there, help please


my problem was fixed, i can now see and use the dvd drive in windows, however i still get the message saying Drive 4 not found


If Dell still uses cable select for the IDE selection make sure that you use the cable select jumper setting on your 1650 or put your other drives in Master/Slave config (non cable select).:slight_smile:


hey thx crossg for replying, but how do i get to the jumper settings, after i hit F2, it does not show in my bios settings


The actual jumpers on the back of each drive need to be set to master and slave positions and Bios should be set to Auto detect. Looking for a picture if I can find one I will post back.:wink:

Edit: See Here


ah thx!!