Cannot detect burned rewritable media

I’ve searched all over the web but cannot find this exact issue reported anywhere. I hope someone here can help.

I have an Optiarc AD-7170a DVD drive (firmware revision 1.05), and up until recently it has worked perfectly. However, a few weeks ago it stopped being able to detect any DVD+RW disc which has already been burned.

If I place a new, never used, DVD+RW in the drive then all is fine and I can burn the disc (and the disc plays fine in stand-alone player, etc.). It also works just fine with all CDs, factory-pressed DVDs, and all recordable (not re-writable) DVDs (burned or blank). But any re-writable with data already on it does not show up. Windows XP, and all burning software I’ve tried just say that no media is present in the drive.

This just started happening all of a sudden even though no changes were made to system hard/software.

The drive is set as master on IDE2, and the controller is using the standard Windows drivers.

I have tried removing upper/lower filters from the registry, tried removing the drive from Device Manager and letting Win re-detect it, tried different firmware, all with no change.

This is not a problem with any particular burning software - Windows does not see any disc present in the drive. Explorer lists the drive as “DVD-RAM Drive” when no media is present. If I place a completely unused DVD+RW in the drive then the designation changes to “CD Drive”. Placing a DVD+RW with data already on it into the drive leaves the designation as “DVD-RAM Drive”, and neither Windows nor any burning software will believe that a disc is present.

Can anyone help me with this issue?


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Did this get fixed? How are the DVD+RW discs being burned? Single-session or multi-session?

I have not had any luck in solving this issue. I’m fairly convinced that it is a hardware problem with the drive, though it is an odd one. I have added an old Lite-On drive I had lying around to the system and that is working just fine (interestingly, I originally took that drive out of the system some years ago because it was malfunctioning - but I don’t remember now what the problem was with it - and now it seems to work correctly).

The discs which the Optiarc won’t recognize are mostly single-session, but some are multi-session and that doesn’t make any difference.