Cannot demux an audio trace in a DVD

Hi. I followed your very good guide for DVD --> VCD with Smartripper, DVD2AVI, TMPGenc but I had a problem with an early DVD (The Name of the Rose). If I rip this DVD, but the english audio cannot be demuxed. Smartripper finds 3 channels (english audio 6ch, english audio 2ch, english audio + director comments). I I rip the 2nd channel I get all VOBs zero size. I I rip 1st or 3rd channel I hear the sound if I double click on the VOBs, but DVD2AVI cannot extract any AC3 or MPA or WAV or whatever, if I select any audio track (from track 1 to track 8) or any output method [decode to WAV(AC3, LPCM), demux (AC3, MPA,DTS), demux all traces (AC3, MPA, DTS)].
Please note that this happens only on english languages: on italia, french, spanish ‘demux all traces’ works.
What can I do?

I found the solution!! I’m posting it because someone might need it. The answer is: VobEdit. You open the first .VOB and choose ‘demux’.
The program runs through the whole VOB set and manages to extract the .AC3 trace. Later you’ll convert it to .MP2 with BeSweet.
Strange that on those VOBs neither DVD2AVI or IfoEdit worked!!!