Cannot delete old firmware

I get this error when i try to flash my firmware with a newer one… it says its unable to delete the firmware… this is what im doing in dos

c:\firmware “dir”

mtkflash.exe 3 w /b 8480B103.bin

then it shows a status… then the error… also i didnt not choose to have cd rom support in dos mode i know not to do that… can I delete the old f/w manualy ?

What drive are you flashing?

it an LG 8400B

2 questions. . . are you using mtkflash v1.48 or v1.55? I’ve never had a problem using 1.48. Also, were you successfully able to back up your current firmware by typing mtkflash 3 r /b /m filename.bin (whatever you named it)? I’m assuming the drive you’re trying to flash is indeed the Secondary Master as indicated in the syntax you used. Do you by chance have another mediatek device on one of the other IDE channels?

An afterthought. . . is it even possible to flash a 8400B using MTKFLASH? I did some searching and came up empty. I’ve never had an LG drive, so everything I typed above may be irrevelant.