Cannot cut and paste scenes in Nero Vision Express

Hi Guys,

Am having a problem with Nero and would appreciate any advice.

Using Nero Vision Express 3,(as part of Nero Reloaded) I have added any of my footage to the timeline (either already exported, or just captured), and when I want to cut the scenes around, I used to just make the appropriate cuts, and cut out that portion, go to where I wanted that to be, and click on paste, and It would drop the scene right there.

Now what happens is I can cut a portion, but when I go to paste it to the specific place, Nero just places it right at the Beginning of the project, every time.

Have tried the software on my other PC, and it works as it should. But for some reason, will not work on my PC now - It used to, so I can only assume that something has occrued down the line (maybe downloading the 4 official Nero patches, which I have done).

Anyone got any ideas how to clear this glitch.

Much Appreciated,