Cannot create Test DVD

I’ve got this problem when I use Nero to create a test DVD.

The START tab is greyed out so I can’t start the process. This happens with all discs and both with Nero 6 and Nero 7. The first pic shows that the disc isn’t even recognized while the second shows overburn test which is possible. Same Nero, same media.
Drive is DW-D22A @ 1653s
Any suggestions?

The media were not correctly recognized according to pic 1…

I suggest you not try to create a CD Digital Audio Extraction test disc using DVD media! :slight_smile:

Well there is no other option but the one you can see on the screenshot. Should it say: “Create Test DVD” instead of “CD”. I have three windows and the problem appears on each of them. The applications are Nero 6.6.018 and Nero 7.

I remember I could create test discs before but now I just can’t.
Could it have anything with the fact that I crossflashed the drive? I’d really like to take part in comparing burns made with different firmwares.

Are you talking about the Create Data Disc option?

It should be under the Run Test menu, at the bottom of the list.

Thanks, I haven’t been using this feature for a quite while so I forgot where it was. :o :o :o