Cannot create playable DVDs with Lite-On 812S

:a I got Lite-On 812S DVD-RW yesterday, flashed it to 832S, and then I learned that I do not need to do that because I won’t be even using dual layers for a long time now.

So, I flashed to NS04 firmware and I used OmniPatcher. I enabled every setting there is because they all seemed beneficial.

So, I burn a DVD. I got it to work on my PC and it works like ANY other DVD I had using program called PowerDVD. All the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files are as they should be.

I burnt a DVD+R and DVD-R version.

However, I also have a player in the living room for TV. Its a Sony dual-scan DVD played and it can play all kind of format. VCD, SVCD, and etc.

When I put either recorded DVD+R or recorded DVD-R in it - it tells me CANNOT PLAY. How so?!?!?!?!

Why is that? Should I reflash disabling things in OmniPatcher?


OK, then could someone tell me one thing - is there anyone here who has ALL OmniPatched setting ticked/enable and can burn playable DVDs for TV DVD Players???

As you may have seen in other threads lite-on 812s is fussy about media. Run kprobe to analyse the real media type. I’m still searching for a semi-decent dvd+rw media that will work outside of the computer!

It is not really that bad. I’ve used both Imation and Ricoh DVD+RW with absolutely no problems and they scan very nicely. They also play perfectly well with my standalone player. I think it very dependant on your standalone DVD player.
You may also find you don’t necessarily need all the options checked within OmniPatcher. If you’re not intending to use Dual-Layer, flash it to US0N for the 812S.
At the very least, you probably only need Auto-Bitsetting checked.

So, I flashed to NS04 firmware and I used OmniPatcher. I enabled every setting there is because they all seemed beneficial.

Do you mean US0N firmware on your 812S? or VS04 on your 812S>832S?
I have found the OmniPatched US0N firmware to prove more reliable on my 812S, rather than VS04 on my 812S>832S.
When I am running my 812S as 812S with US0N, I do not have Cross Flash ticked in OmniPatch.
And yes, Lite-On much more picky on media than my Nec 2500A.

As for playability on your Stand alone DVD player, set booktype on your DVD+R media to DVD-ROM before you record. This gives greater compatibility for stand alone players. Use Kprobe 2.1.0 or newer or Lite-On Booktype Utility.
While your at it run a bler test using KProbe on your burned media and post your results.

Ack, I just read that my DVD Player does not read PAL while my friend’s does. This is why, I am quite sure.

I am using NS0N with everything (cross-flashing enabled) enabled for 812S. The one made for it. I also wonder…should I leave the media things the way they are? I mean, I can 4x, 8x on many many media types listed in OmniPatcher.

Memorex DVD+RW and +R discs have worked flawlessly with my 812S@832S recorder. I’ve only burned 1 DL disc so far(Verbatim) and it has played in the 5 players I’ve tried it in so far. It even plays in a 5.5 year old Sony I have.