Cannot create movie from image

Ok so some of the new movies have new copyright protection like The Grudge and The Forgotten. I read that all you need to do is have AnyDVD running, use DVD Decrypter to create an image, and then use another program like CloneDVD2 to burn it. I’m not 100% sure I had AnyDVD running when I used DVD Decrypter but if I remember correctly thats not necessary, (I could be wrong and type this whole POST for nothing if thats the case).

Well, I created the image fine. Used ISO Buster to extract the files out. Re-authored the files a bit to get rid of unwanted audio tracks and sub titled, selected “go” and I get this error:

Creation of DVD files was not successful:

invalid block start code

One or more blocks might be corrupted by a pripr copying process or by the source device covering critical read errors. Try copying the files to your Hard Drive again and retry.

DVD Decrypter:
Clone DVD2:

Edit: This happens with The Grudge and with The Forgotten.

Just use search function on the names of the movies you mentioned.
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