Cannot 'Create Disc' in Nero 5 with Pioneer DVD-RW 2x or 1x



I cannot make a test disc of this disc without an error message. I do not think that i reached the rewrite limit even though i have had it since 2002. I have a Liteon iHSB312 and a Samsung SH-223Q.



Can you burn this disc with a standard burn-software?


I tried Opti Drive Control and it failed too with an error message. I tried Nero Express to no avail. I also tried Windows Disc Image Burner to no avail. I tried to burn an image file with DVDit Pro HD to no avail.



Defect media? Incompatibility with the used writers?

My newer writers hate my old RWs, some writers give up immediately, some burn it awful


The lifespan may have expired?


Maybe yes, but not clear whether it´s the disc itself or the combination of disc and writer, like I wrote


I have an SH-S243 that i will install later.


I changed to an older Samsung SH-S234N f/w SB00 with the same error message. I give up.



I think the drives are to new for the old media


The media is DVD-RW 1x and too old (rewrite cycles) and never drives doesnt support such obsolete media anymore.