Cannot covert RMVB to other format!

I cannot covert .rmvb file to avi or mpeg. I tried more than 5 softwares. In total Video Converter it says 'Can’t Resample. Aborting". Can you guys find out wht the prob is? Thx in Advance

First of all, it is a Real Player file. Go here for a free download of the RMVB converter:,-such-as-rmvb-to-avi,-rmvb-to-mpeg,-rmvb-to-dvd,-rmvb-to-vcd-with-this-rmvb-converter.html

Ultra RM Converter doesn’t work, When I click convert It starts after a few seconds it stops and shows the Status as Fail.

Just tried using mplayer and rmvb codecs for mplayer and it’s working OK and converted to avi with out any problems:)

Use WinAvi to convert rmvb files, it works great.

I didn’t know that you can use mplayer in Windows OS!

WinAvi Doesn’t work for me!! :frowning: :frowning:

I use SUPER ©. It has never failed me except on a corrupted file. (WinRAR reported an error when I unzipped it)


I didn’t say I use Windows OS. :slight_smile:

I can convert rmvb to other formats with Total Video Converter 3.1.

If you cannot, you can copy dssource.dll in the new release Total Video2Dvd Author to the installed folder of Total Video Converter.

Have you tried Any Video Converter, you can download it from I hope it can help you.
I use this software to convert .rmvb files to mpeg files.

Spamming your product is not allowed here. :cop:

my total video converter software says can’t resample,how to fix?