Cannot copy Zorro 2

I cannot copy the Mask of Zorro 2 (R1) DVD. I am using DVD Region Free and Nero I am able successfully copy other SL and DL discs. I am using a Pioneer DVD-120s to read the original and a Plextor PX-716A to burn the disc. (Both have the latest firmware.) DVD Region Free indicates the disc has Sony ARccOS protection. Does this disc have a form of ARccOS not yet supported in Thanks in advance for any help.

There should not be a problem with the protection.
I burned both Mask of Zorro and Legend of Zorro [R1/R4 U.S./ Mexico] yesterday. Using DVDFAB decrypter and Nero LG GSA4163B burners.
Are you getting any other error message?

I have read that people have copied this movie successfully with the latest version of Platinum which as I understand uses the same decryption program.


i have copied successfully using DVDfab decrypter, but download the lastest version though.

This may be yet another one of those recent releases, in which the copy protection also creates disc structure issues when trying to copy “complete disc” rather than “main movie” only. In the past, users have reported continuous looping of sectors, poor or failed navigation of the disc menu and the player’s remote, freezing, etc., etc. I copied this with platinum v., express, main movie…perfect bkup as usual. I’m guessing you mean the rip process when you say you “can’t copy”. Maybe you could give us more specifics?

i did zorro with shrink and dvd region + css free running in the backround nothing special about this movie

I’m sorry, I should have been a little more specific. I am trying to copy The legend of Zorro. (The 2005 sequel) I am doing an on-the-fly copy with Nero, but yes, it is the ripping process that fails. I have never made it all the way through to see if it works in my player. Someone claimed to have successfully done it with DVDFab. I don’t understand why that would work and my method doesn’t work. Afterall, DVDFab and DVD CSS & Region Free use the same decryption method, right?

No they do not. DVDCSS uses DVD43 as its decrypter. Fenteigo [sp] states not have both DVDFAB decrypter and DVDCSS on the same computer as they will conflict with each other. I am sorry I do not have an answer for your problem but DVDFAB decrypter and Nero copy Zorro with out a burp.

Just as an experiment since I also have DVDFAB Express I am using it this morning to back up the zorro movies. DVDFAB Express worked on Legend of Zorro with no help from any other software. It is currently processing Mask of Zorro and should be finished in a few minutes.

I’m not familiar with DVDCSS, at all, but any of fab’s apps should decrypt without any problems as Benhad and others have said. The apps are all up to date within a day or so and we have a successful bkup of this movie with DVDCSS per rdmercer1997. I’m still wondering if this is a disc structure issue. I know that we’ve seen this with some recent releases and express, ie., failure with complete disc, yet success with main movie. I’m not sure, but maybe try just main movie with recode2 and DVDCSS.