Cannot copy PS2 swap disc magic cd

My son treats his ps2 games like they are coasters to put his tea on,i got fed up with it all so decided to back up his games,i did not want to fit a mod chip because of warrenty issues,i went and got swap disc magic which allows you to play your backed up games,the problem being is that this magic disc will get treated the same as the games,i thought i had better back it up but no matter what program i try it will not copy it,the disc itself seems to have verious tracks on the cd so programs cannot read it properly,can anybody help me. :bow: :bow:

As far as I know this disc can’t be backed up for the same reason your PS2 disc’s can’t be.
In other words, you would need a swap disc to get your swap disc copy to work :wink:


My suggestion is to buy another swap disc, no it cannot be backed up. When you try to boot a -R on a ps2 the bios sees the wobble and ceases to boot it, even if it’s a 1:1 copy. A modchip is a better choice considering your warranty only lasts 1 year and PS2’s are fairly cheap now.