Cannot copy movie "21"

I’m trying to rip the movie “21” to my HDD, but am having a problem. They appear to be using the same method used on “3:10 to Yuma.” When the disc is read the file to be copied appears as <21>. I understand removing the carrots and renaming the file (worked like a charm for Yuma), but there are 4 titles on the disk that are close to the same length and an equal number of chapters. Anybody know which one is the right one, or an easy way to figure it out. I could do it by trial and error, but I’m lazy.:bigsmile:

name of the program you are using to back 21 up with would help you know. But dvdfab worked on this movie and I believe anydvd along with clonedvd worked also.

I’m using Magic DVD. Yuma and 21 are the only two that have ever given me problems. Renaming worked with Yuma, so I was going to try it with 21. Somehow it tricks Magic DVD into selecting the wrong main movie, and there are 4. So, I was curious to know if anybody knew the right one.