Cannot copy home made dvd with home video

I am new here. I have made home video since 2002 with Pinnacle Studio (I have the 10 now). After having made DVD MPEG2 files with Studio I import the files in Ulead Movie Factory and make menus etc. and make a final DVD. This works just fine.

The problem is that now I have had to make a copy for family of one of my DVD’s. No matter which one I try to copy, now matter which hardware or software I have tried, the problem is the same: Read error!

I have tried copying from my DVD recorder to the DVD recorders harddisc, and it starts fine, but stops at some point with at read error.
I have tried ulead burn - copy disc directly or copy from iso to dvd. Same problem.

It is the same with all DVD’s I have made.

Can anyone give a hint? Can I do something to make a copy anyway? What can I do to be able to make copies of future DVD’s I make?

I thought I could always make a copy… it is al video from holidays, childrens births and so on, so I am kind of very sorry to realise this problem :sad:

My best regards, and hopes that you can help me

Hi Dorthe, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The problem is likely with your discs or with your reading drive.

Try to borrow a friend’s computer and see if you can read the entire DVD in that computer. You can use ImgBurn (a free tool) in Read Mode to read a CD/DVD onto the hard drive as an ISO “image” file, and then burn that file to another DVD.

Some drives are much better at reading damaged discs than other drives.

You might also want to consider changing the brand/type of recordable DVD media you are using, if the problem is bad burns or burns that have degraded over time. Verbatim is a good choice and easy to find. You should also consider burning DVDs at a medium burning speed such as 8x or 12x instead of at maximum speed.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will try out the suggestions.

However, your answer leads me to supply further information.

I just finished at totally new DVD yesterday. This DVD is not damaged at all, and none of my dvd’s are bad until now. They all play well - I just cannot copy them.

I have tried different dvds over time, but the result is the same. I have an old NEC DVD RW ND-1300A 1.0B - Maybe that is my problem?

I am just now trying out DVD Decrypter. For now it is 31% finished copyint to VIDEO_TS on my harddrive - I just hope that I can then copy these over to a new DVD… and it just failed rigth now :sad:

It writes:
ScSi status 0x02
Interpretation: Check condition

CDB 28 00 00 0A 8E 30 00 00 01 00
Interpretation: Read (10) - Sector 691760

Sense area: a lot of numbers

Interpretation: No seek complete


Bad luck… I just thought …

BTW: I have tried in the computer and in the DVD recorder we have at the television… same…

[QUOTE=dorthe;2279161]I have tried different dvds over time, but the result is the same. I have an old NEC DVD RW ND-1300A 1.0B - Maybe that is my problem?[/QUOTE] That’s an old drive. It might not be very good at burning the media you can buy today. It might also be more or less worn out by now, or it might have dirt on the optical pickup.

I still suggest you try your discs in another computer and see if that works. Then you can consider buying a new drive if necessary - they are cheap these days.

Can you suggest a okay one eg from

[QUOTE=dorthe;2279190]Can you suggest a okay one eg from[/QUOTE] You will need a P-ATA drive if you’re going to replace your current NEC drive.

I suggest an Optiarc AD-5200A or AD-7200A or AD-7203A from this list. The 7200 supports DVD-RAM, the 7203 also supports Labelflash which for 99.9% of people is irrelevant.

Another equally good choice is a Pioneer DVR-115D from this list. The 116D is OK but in my experience not as good as the 115D.

The Optiarc drives with an “S” at the end (e.g. AD-7200S) are S-ATA and might not work in your presumably older computer. The Pioneer DVR-21* drives (e.g. DVR-215D) are also S-ATA and probably not compatible with your computer.

go get anydvd made by slysoft and clone dvd , you will have no toubles after that. i have found that i needed to use them in order to copy my home made dvds after burning them thru pinnacle

AnyDVD for home made DVDs?? I say no.

Get CloneCD and try with different readers/drives.