Cannot copy Elvis The Ministeries

Cannot get the dvd drive to go ready to copy Elvis the ministeries.
I Have tried three different computers with different dvd drives and when i insert the dvd the drives do not recognise the dvd.
I went out and purchased a new sony external DRX-840u with the same results.
The dvd# is DV14932.
I have tried the dvd in my regular home DVD’s without a problem reading it.
I used anydvd 6.4,dvd43 ver 4.2,cloneDVD2 v2.9.16,1clickdvd
Of course none of the software will work if the dvd does not become ready.
If you go to my computer and look at the drive that the dvd is in .it shows no label of the dvd.
I am at a complete loss at to what it might be.
all other dvd’s become ready without a problem.
any suggestions would be appreciated.

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