Cannot copy DV Tape to DVD

I have 5 Mini DV tapes of our vacation that I made with a Sony Mini Cam that I no longer have. I can play and view these tapes on my JVC and TV using my JVC Mini Cam. I patch through my DVDR to my TV and view the video but when I press the record button I get a “Copy Prot” on my DVDR. I can copy to the DVD from any tape shot with my JVC cam but not the Sony tapes. Can anyone help please. Thanks Ernest

Welcome to the forums,

I assume you are using the DV link cable to connect.
Could you also connect another video cable to the dvdr, like scart or something?

I am using the DV out from the camera with mini plug on camera side and Red, Yellow, White on the other end. This is the method that I have used to copy all my Mini tapes to this DVDR. It is only the 5 tapes that were shot in the Sony Camcorder that I am unable to copy because of the “Copy Prot” (Copy Protection) error. It also has the DVi ( 4-Pin Firewire) connector plug as well but I do not have that transfer cable.