Cannot Copy CAPOTE

I’m having a problem. Help!!! I’m using DVD Shrink with AnyDVD running in the background and then burning using Nero OEM Suite. The problem is that when I try to burn to one kind of DVD+R the process does not work but when using another it does. I have two kinds of Verbatim DVD+R discs but they appear to be different. One kind says DVD+R 16x and the other kind just says DVD+R. When I try to use the Verbatim DVD+R 16x to burn a movie, I get an error message from Nero that says “Burn process failed at 2.4 times” but when I use the other discs that just say DVD+R, everything works fine. I purchased the plain old DVD+R’s that work a couple of years ago but purchased the DVD+R 16x’s last month. What would make the burning process fail using one kind and work using the other? I’m totally perplexed.

Hey all, I"m using Anydvd/shrink/decryphter on Capote. Yeah, I tried to just use shrink and decrypter and within secs they stop working. I ran anydvd on this and no probs what so ever. The protectin being used in Capote it “puppetlock”. Just use anydvd to remove protection on the fly and your good to go. …peace

Honestly, it is not that complicated. After you download pgcedit and the plugins, you just install them, and execute the program which will guide you through the steps to the end. The most difficult part is the download and install.

pgcedit is the continuation of dvddecrypter. The guide is well written, altho you don’t really need the guide:

You can also get all the downloads here. BTW, the new versions does not leave an 11 minute gap. It is perfect.

+1 for not a great movie, not worth backing up in my opinion.

Works fine with AnyDVD and DVD Shrink

I tried anyDvd (Gold) and it copied Geisha but not Capote corectly. What it did with Capote is copying all the fills to its temp folder and when I burn both discs everything appears to be fine however when I play the dvd no picture. It jumps from the title to the end asking me to insert the other disk. Something strange about this movie.

DVD Fab Express ripped Capote and Legend of Zorro without problem. And it’s free.