Cannot copy Beauty and the Beast?



When i try to copy Beauty and the Beast using AnyDVD i get an error saying “Read Error”

When i also try and copy this movie using DVD shrink i get an error saying “Data error (cyclic redundancy check)”

Is this a form of copy protection or does this mean a problem with my dvd writer?



What for a version of andvd you’ve used?
I guess more that you’ve a bad disc, is it scratched?


I am running the latest version of ANYDVD
The disk is not very scratched no…



Not very?
Then it’s not a new disc, only a few heavy scratches are enough to have ripping problems. Do you’ve tried to rip it with anydvd’s ripper? Otherwise you can try another drive.


No its not a new disk. Yes i also tried to copy it using anydvd’s ripper. I also got a “read error”. I will try another dvd drive!



That would be maybe the best possible solution as i had the same problem a time ago which my BenQ didn’t handle well but the Plex did the job.


Get a piece of soft fabric and wet it just little bit then try to clean the data source portion of the of disc forcefully, some time a dirty surface of disc or finger painted surface has a tendency not to be read.