Cannot convet avi video to mpeg/dvd



ive tried two programs now (advanced x video converter and avi2dvd) to convert a avi file (550mb) to either a dvd or vcd.

both programs only give me audio as a result, not video.
ive tried many different options within the programs yet always only audio.
and ive acheived good results using the same techniques with other files.

could it be that the original avi(video) is the problem?


im loosing my mind as well as many hours over this.
someone please help me out here.

i also tried WinAVI Video COnverter and it has wasted my time…
the stupid demo only does about 20 minutes worth and puts an ugly “buy this for $$$” in the middle of the screen throughout the whole 20 minutes!!
because they wasted my time, i will never support this company/program by buying it.
if they had their time trial FULL VERSION as ademo like EVERYONE ELSE, then i would definately buy it

suggestions (please?)


Keep cool ;).

Throw away all the used software and try DVDSanta. It will work 100 %.


lol he woun`t like that eather, as the demo puts a water mark on the picture.

google for avi2dvd and its free.


Before you do anything drastic lets assume there is a problem with the audio.

First off get GSpot & AviCodec. These will tell you what the audio & video codecs are used by the avi file(s) and whether the required codecs are installed.

Avicode will help you dl any missing ones.

That’s the starting point. Do this before you rush off & get any other software.

#6 There is a free version with no restrictions, it will do what you want in two clicks.


u didnt read my first post, ive already tried avi2dvd and its useless…
it makes the audio file, and nothing else (this happened with EVERY avi that i ever threw at it - so i uninstalled it)


i do appreciate you trying to help, but why would you assume that the audio
file is the problem when that is the only thing that comes out fine.

both programs: avi2dvd (which never worked) and advanced x video converter (which has worked for other files but not this one)
produce the mpeg audio file (approx 150 mb) but not any video files.
actually they THINK they make video files, but those are 1 kb in size


no i didnt notice you had used it, and it isent useless.

i think you`ll find its a problem with the avi or codec problem


i will try this as soon as i get home.

will let u know


holy crap, i installed divx2dvd and after waiting for over 3 hours it stopped with some error message …at 94.5% !!!

i guess ill try again tommorow

will post



NeroVision Express 3. it aint free though. and you should run the avi through gspot ! if the avi is corrupt then it will inform you.
in NVE3 go to “make dvd”. add avi file . . .


i do appreciate you trying to help, but why would you assume that the audio
file is the problem when that is the only thing that comes out fine.

I miss read your post, nevertheless I still recommend get those 2 apps as they will prove to be very useful in the future.


As has already been said get Gspot. This will tell you what codecs are needed for the avi in question and if you have them. This is always a good thing to do when having problems.

You can try Main Concept MPEG encoder which will convert the avi to a suitable file, or TMPGEnc which will do the same only slower, then use TMPGEnc DVD Author which then converts that file into the correct files needed for it to burn to DVD for a stand alone player, vobs etc. It allows for the adding of chapters and menus. It also comes with its’ own burning programme.

High tech you mentioned an error message. What is it? This may help to solve the problem.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that there’s some other problem with your system. Either a codec problem, or a video problem of some sort. When half a dozen programs that work flawlessly for everyone else… ALL fail for you… it’s either your AVI’s or your system.


I agree with Gurm here.

If it’s just one avi file that fails then there’s a corruption in it somewhere. VirtualDub will scan the file for frame errors. That’s a problem I’ve just had with a file. Tried various video fixers without any real success as the deleted frames caused the audio to go out of sync so I dumped the file.

If all files are giving this problem then it’s most likely to be a corrupt video codec. I had this sometime ago & my Xvid codec got corrupted somehow so I unistalled it , deleted any files remaining from it & installed the latest available. Problem solved for me.


Just like everyone has been saying, the file is probably corrupt. Hopefully you still have access to the file if it can’t be fixed. As far as speed is concerned normally it converts almost real-time on my cpu (p4 2.5 1 gb ram) so i’d still try it with another file to see how good the program is.


appreciate the help guys.

i tried divx2dvd again and this time it managed to finished however when i burnt the dvd it was REALLY messed up…all pixalated and completely unwatchable (unloes you are on acid i guess wink.gif

here is the gspot analysis:


btw, i do own a copy (dvd) of ninja scroll, but there is a huge gauge through the disc, and its useless


Well, your answer is in the Gspot analysis. You don’t have a suitable video codec installed.