Cannot convert AVI's to DVD

Firstly thanks for letting me become a member here.
I am very new at DVD burnining and almost certainly not doing it correctly
I have done a search, and the search engine here is acting up, so I will have to pass on my request via a new thread.
I have a movie in the form of two 700meg AVI’s that I want to convert into a DVD that will play on my home theatre system. I know there are a lot of programs out there that say they do this, but I have yet to find one. I have recently bought Smart DVD creator, Win AVI converter, Cyberlink Power DVD producer, CUCUSoft dvd converter etc etc. I follow the instructions on what to do and almost invariably the end result is a disc that is not recognisable in my home theatre DVD player. 99 times out of 100 the damn thing wont even play on my computer. Considering the ridiculous amount of time involved in converting the AVI’s I am beginning to think it is not worth the effort or money involved. I did once manage to get a DVD that had video but no damn audio. I know that the two AVI’s add up to more than what can go on one 4.7gb DVD, but what I am getting is total crud. Does anyone else have these problems or am I just too old to comprehend.

Any help and suggestions much appreciated.

Main Concept MPEG Encoder
TMPGEnc Express
TMPGEnc DVD author.

All are paid for software, but also run a trial which is restricted, but atleast gives you an idea if you can use them. I swear by all three, you need to use the DVD author to convert the out change the output of the other two int a DVD Player compatible format, it also allows you to vreate chapters and a basic menu.

Just remember nothing will increase the quality of the original file, so if it is crap the output will be too.

The first thing I’d do with these 2 files is to join them. I’d use VirtualDub (free) to do this.

Open the first, append segment - the second one - and then go to the video tab & select Direct Stream copy. Then save as “new name”.

Then using any of those you’ve purchased , probably WinAVI being the easiest, conversion should be fairly straightforward.

The problem playing these on your DVD player could be down to your burner & the disks you’re using.
So what burner & what DVDs? Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & the disk info tab , saving an image (top right , the floppy icon) as a png file & posting that image here (Go Advanced & Manage Attachments) will tell us both.

You could also try DVDSanta. It converts .avi. You have to pay for it though.

Thanks people, my burner is a LG dual layer and I am using TDK 4x DVD-RW disks. Reason for re writable is if I stuff up, I dont have a coaster on my hands.